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Red Rose Orange Pekoe Black Tea, 100/Pack

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$17.58 ea.  
Units per Case: 10   ($175.77)

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Part #: L0221700

Our unique blend of the finest quality, best tasting orange pekoe teas ensures a perfect and satisfying cup of tea every time. Since 1894, tea lovers all across Canada have been enjoying Red Rose.

In 1894 Estabrooks opened the doors to his own business on Dock Street in Saint John, blending and packing teas that would offer his customers the highest quality beverage experience cup after cup. The idea of a pre-blended and packaged tea was innovative, and the business quickly expanded throughout Atlantic Canada and, eventually, into the United States as well. When Canadians want to share a warm cup of quality tea with friends and family, they still reach for a box of Red Rose, as many past generations have done before. It goes without saying that we think Theodore Estabrooks would be as proud of his tea blend today as he was over 100 years ago.

Steeping Instructions: Any good beverage begins with quality water, so remember to always start with a fresh batch of cold H2O. Put the fresh water into a kettle and bring it to a rolling boil. You may wish to warm your teapot or mug by adding a small amount of boiling water and swirling it around. Make sure you discard the water. Place your Red Rose tea bag into the teapot or mug. If you are using a large pot you may want to use more than one tea bag, depending on how strong you enjoy your tea. Add the boiling water to your teapot or mug. It is important that the water be very hot in order to extract the Red Rose flavour sufficiently. Allow the tea to steep between 3 and 5 minutes. Avoid steeping for longer. Remove your teabag(s) and add milk, sugar or honey, as desired.