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Brazilian Canadian Coffee 32oz Table Top French Press, Brushed Steel

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Part #: TPBS32

Brazilian Canadian Coffee 32oz Table Top French Press, Brushed Steel. Most coffee connoisseurs agree that French pressing coffee is the purest way to extract the flavour profile the coffee roaster intended. Over the years however, there has been great debate as to the best type of French press coffee maker to use.

Traditionally, a glass French press coffee maker was often used as this provided an elegant coffee or tea service. There are two major drawbacks to glass French press coffee makers. First they are terribly delicate and will assuredly shatter if dropped to floor and will often chip or break just tapping it on the side of the trash can to loosen the used grounds. Second, glass French press coffee makers have incredibly poor heat retention capabilities, meaning that your coffee gets chilled far too quickly.

Enter the stainless steel French press. When we designed our Table Top French Presses, we solved both issues of durability and insulation while maintaining an elegant design. Stylish, functional and durable, the Planetary Design Table Top French press coffee makers create a pure, clean and flavourful brew that’s hot hours after it’s been prepared. You can drop a stainless steel French press, you can bang it against the trash can to release the grounds, you can even take it in on a boat for a whitewater trip and let it bounce around the dry box! It’s nearly indestructible you can enjoy the best brew on the planet, nearly anywhere on the planet.

To use a Table Top stainless steel French press simply add coffee grounds, (use a French press grind which is slightly more course than a drip grind) approximately 1 tablespoon for every 4 ounces of water. You can either add the cream and sugar if desired to the French press coffee maker now or wait until after pouring. Let the brew steep for 4-5 minutes or to desired taste, push down plunger and enjoy!